Sunday, November 4, 2012

Special post for Ashraf.


Today I got nothing to do. It's Sunday and like usually, my Sunday was bored. And suddenly I was thinking of him. Who is him? Well, you know him. Maybe? Hahaa.

Still remember my man? Oh yeah, my man! Ashraf. Ya ya ya, my only Budak Besar Senget. Hahaa.
What? He's dead? No lah, he's still alive. He lied to me just because he don't want me to know the truth that he's gonna leave me soon. Nvm, just pray for him okay? Thanks guys! :)

Let me recall my memories with him.

Ashraf and I started to get know with each other on 23.04.11. It's Saturday. You knowed what, from the first wall, I know that he's a good guy. Dear Allah, thanks for give me a chance to know him.
And and, after that day, me and Ashraf is gettin closed to each other. I fallin love with him............................ Until the day that he's gone on 23.06.11. And I don't want to remember that day. It's really hurt me to accept the fact that he leave me and he'll never come back to me.

Bla bla bla, just skip that things.

Every single days, every weeks, every months, I never forget a things about him. He's my hardest good bye.
For me, its hard to find a man like him nowadays.  I never want to forget him. I just want to keep him in my mind, my stories, my heart, and my future. Eventhough I know that me and him will never stay together.

But, the only thing that I know was he loved me.

Ashraf never let me down. Now, he's here. Still alive and Alhamdulillah, I'm happy for him.

Things changed. So do my Ashraf, he's already changed. Frankly saying, I really miss my old Ashraf and I want my old Ashraf! But....

Ashraf said to me: 'Bertahun jugak you kena ambil kalau nak faham I yang sekarang. Ashraf yang dulu dah mati.'
You shouldn't say like that, Ashraf. You should fight for your illness. Allah always be there for you, your family, friends, me too.

 Ashraf, I miss you.

Me: Kenapa you diam? Senyap? Tak rindu?
Ashraf: I cuma nak you terbiasa bila I dah tk ada nanti.
Me: Apa you ni? Ajal maut di tgn Tuhan.

*krik krik krik* no  reply.

Until now, Ashraf still don't want to talk to me. Awak.. jaga diri. Jgn lupa makan ubat! Solat jangan tinggal!

And I'm sorry for being in this way.

Don't forget me. I will always pray for you, Ashraf.  Don't give up. Stay strong.

Little Love tahu yg Budak Besar Senget ni kuat! Kan kan? :)

Banyak lagi benda I nak tulis ni, haha.

You selalu stalked blog I kan Ashraf? Haaa, kantoi xP
Aleleler, janganlah blushing. Tau lah you tu pemalu. Haha :3

Ashraf, you tahu kan pasal I dgn Ayu? I've told you everything about me and her and I'm so sorry.

Still, you're my man and my last man. I love you :)

Maybe, if we're not meant together in this world. InsyaAllah, we'll meant to be together afterworld.

I'm sorry if I let you down. Just so you know, I'll never forget you and always pray for you.

May our love stay forever, my man.

Take care, okay? Smile for your future. Fight your illness. Don't give up.

Again, I'm sorry. I love you, Syed Ashraf Syed Abdullah.


go go . . . Chaiyok! Smile for your future :)

I tulis special post ni sbb I tknk you give up. I tk suka tgk Ashraf yg lemah mcmni. I nak you kuat.
I tahu you boleh. Ingat, ramai yg sayang you. Ramai yg sentiasa sokong you, so stay strong! Semoga dgn post I ni, you kuat okay? Jangan lemah semangat. Hihi, take care! :)

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