Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Assalamualaikum. Good morning! Hm, almost 3 in the morning and guess what? I'm still here, I'm still awake. Posting something new on my blog. Hm, well ... Its been a long times since I'm not posting some new story. Hm. I'm sorry, blog. It was just Twitter is everything now. Hahahaha.

Well I'm here to story you about me and my love, well ... My lover, my bestfriend, my soulmate, my crush, my sibling, my sayang and my everything!
Urgh, too much my ... right? Hahahah.
But mine. Not you, and not even you! 

We've been already stay and stuck with each other in this relationship for almost 476 days. Its already 1 year and 3 months. Hihi. 

Yaa yaa yaa, I know that. Actually it was like everytime we'd broke up, there's always got a ways for us to get back and still keep loving each others. Although my love got someone else, I'll never leave.
Mine didn't like and didn't allowed me to befriends with some guys. Psssttt, my love was a hot-tempered person and easily get jealous okay. Hahahahha. But, nevermind...

I know that this kind of relationship wasn't easy, but it was complicated. Very complicated. Hmm.

You wouldn't ever understand it. Hmm. Never!

Sweetheart, if you read my blog, I would like to tell you that I always and always loves you. There's no one else except you. I love you and will always stay.
Like I've said before, this love is endlessly. Just with you I'd feels happy. Thanks for always stay with me.

If I have to let you go .......... Maybe someday, I'm only gonna let you go when I'm pretty sure that you'll be fine without me. Don't be sad. You know I never want to see you sad. I love you. Always!

Hm, I've nothing more to say. It was just, I hope that you'll never try to forget me and you'll always loves me. 
Don't and please ............. Don't leave me.
Never get tired and please be afraid of losing me ...

Love you, sayang. You're my only one, Mine. My Cloud, my Little Double Love, my Everything.

Please .... Take care of yourself, sweetheart.
We're in Long Distance Relationship, I'm at Penang while you're at Majidee, Johor.
And please, be strong okay.

I'd wish that someday ... We'll meet up and make everything that we'd wish for us will be, for real.

Always remember me, I love you, Mine!

Let this love, Yulea's love stay forever. Let this love endlessly. Now and Forever.

Much loves, yours.

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